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Access control using 5G - no networking, no internet, no cost!

Cloud Connected

  • Manage your sites from anywhere
  • Access via PC or smart phone
  • Live history for all users and doors
  • Temporary Visitor Access via Mobile QR Code
  • Open doors remotely using a phone or PC

Free Connectivity

  • No monthly or annual bills!
  • Connects via 4G and 5G mobile network
  • Reduce installation costs
  • Most secure wireless network
  • No internet required on-site

Easy Installation

  • No network setup - Scan QR for initial access
  • Tags can be read by smart phones
  • 5G IoT bands work underground & deep indoors
  • QR Code Mobile Credentials
  • Ultra-secure 2FA Mode Available


Mobile Credentials

Use mobile as key

Access Badge is Customisable

Compatible with Wiegand QR code readers

Also compatible with HID iClass SE Readers

Help and Support

We aim to make using our products and services as simple as possible to use, but there will always be occasions were you need a helping hand. We offer interactive support on an individual system or group basis www.priory-access.com/help.

iot system help

Help Page

We have a dedicated help page offering links to the interactive support and ticket system.
This page also has online instruction manuals showing how to do common tasks https://www.priory-access.com/help

iot device help button

Support Tickets

Open a support ticket directly from the Live Screen with your device ID already details already filled in

Interactive Support

As we provide a full turnkey connectivity and hardware solution, we're able to provide interactive fault finding which covers everything from hardware, setup, to network availability
Simply let us know the information you have and we'll find any problems via the website www.priory-access.com/help interface

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